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Fuel Pressure Indicator, Type C-16, US Air Force

US Gauge

Fuel Pressure Indicator, Type C-16, US Air Force


This is a Korean War-era Fuel Pressure Indicator, Type C-16, as used in the US Air Force's first jet fighter, the Lockheed P-80 (later known as F-80) Shooting Star.  This has been confirmed in the F-80 Illustrated Parts Manual dated 1958. Also see image of the panel from the P-80 Flight Manual dated 1945. This was also used in versions of the trainer T-33, according to its parts manual dated 1955. 

The C-16 Fuel Pressure Indicator displays pressure up to 5000 PSI. This example was made by US Gauge, part number AW 2 3/4 -40-B2, and has a serial number prefix of AF-51 indicating a year of manufacture of 1951.

This example has "US AIR FORCE" embossed on its face above center. It is an excellent example and in exceptional condition given its age.  Measures 3.25 inches diameter and ~3 inches deep.

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