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Engine Gauge Unit (Triple), AN5773-1


Engine Gauge Unit (Triple), AN5773-1


The WWII-era Engine Gauge Unit (aka Triple Gauge), AN5773-1, displayed the performance of 3 engine parameters in one instrument: Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, and Fuel Pressure. The AN5773-1 unit was used in the US Army Air Force fighters P-38L Lightning and P-63 King Cobra, according to their Maintenance Interchangeability Chart dated Feb 1945, as well as having been used in other military aircraft post-war.  

This instrument is in reasonable condition for its age. On this particular instrument, the operating ranges for each parameter are labeled in green/red on each scale.  Measures 3.25 inches diameter and ~3 inches deep.  Has a service stamp of Oct 1958.  


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