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Engine Gage Unit for US Army Air Force & Navy Fighters, 1944, AN-5773-1

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Engine Gage Unit for US Army Air Force & Navy Fighters, 1944, AN-5773-1


The AN-5773-1 Engine Gage Unit was used across a variety of aircraft of the US Army Air Force and US Navy during and after WWII. In particular, the AN-5773-1 made by Electric Autolite (aka Motometer) part number 10322-A was used in fighters P-38L Lightning and P-63 A & C Kingcobra according to the US Army Air Force's Maintenance Interchangeability Cross Reference Chart TO-00-45-1 dated Feb 1945. This example has a serial number prefix of AF-44, evidence of a manufacturing year of 1944.  However, this example also has a service label with a US Navy stock # R88-G-1020-10 from Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL dated 1950. This stock number was used in the US Navy's Grumman F8F Bearcat fighter, according to its Erection and Maintenance Manual dated 1948.

The AN-5773-1 Engine Gage Unit displayed 3 metrics with one instrument:  Oil temperature (from 0-150 deg C), Oil pressure (from 0-200 PSI), and Fuel pressure (from 0-25 PSI).  See spec sheet in photo gallery.  The oil temperature was measured via electrical resistance thermometer bulb, (not included), the oil pressure measured via bourdon tube, and fuel pressure measured via opposed bellow.
It is in good condition given its age. The dial markings are clear and precise, with operating limits of the last aircraft in which it was installed marked on the glass. The glass is intact. The upper right mount has broken off. Measures 3.25 inches diameter and ~3.5 inches deep. Not too bad for a 70+ yr old artifact. See photos.

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