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Torque Pressure Indicator, Dual Engine, AJ SAVAGE Bendix


Torque Pressure Indicator, Dual Engine, AJ SAVAGE Bendix


This instrument was used in the Korean War-era North American AJ-1 Savage Dual Engine Turbojet Bomber.  This is an authentic vintage Dual Torque Pressure Indicator, Magnesyn Style, type A-5 made by Bendix, marked Air Force US Army.  The first flight of the AJ-1 Savage was in mid 1948, so that may explain why this instrument had AF USARMY on its face... i.e., it was still in design and components in production in 1947 when AF USARMY became the US Air Force. (See photos in the gallery from the US Air Force AJ-1 Savage Flight Manual dated 1949 showing the location of this instrument and a description of its function).  Interestingly, the AJ-1 was primarily a USN carrier-based aircraft, see below.

From our all-knowing friends at Wikipedia:

The North American AJ Savage (later A-2 Savage) was a carrier-based medium bomber built for the United States Navy by North American Aviation. The aircraft was designed shortly after World War II to carry atomic bombs and this meant that the bomber was the heaviest aircraft thus far designed to operate from an aircraft carrier. It was powered by two piston engines and a turbojet buried in the rear fuselage. The AJ-1 first became operational in 1950 and several were based in South Korea during 1953 as a deterrent against the Communists. Of the 140 built, plus three prototypes, 30 were reconnaissance aircraft. Inflight-refueling equipment was deployed on the Savage in the mid-1950s. The bomber was replaced by the Douglas A3D Skywarrior beginning in 1957.

Each dial indicates torque pressure ranging from 50 to 400 PSI. On the face of the instrument is embossed "A.F. U.S.ARMY" (see close up photo in gallery).  This instrument is in terrific shape for its age.  The dial markings are clear and the glass and cases are intact. The glass has a little haze on the inside face, but could be opened and polished.  


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