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Direction Finding DF Indicator of R.1155 Nav-Com System

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Direction Finding DF Indicator of R.1155 Nav-Com System


Here is a WWII-era Direction Finding (DF) Indicator as used in aircraft of the British Royal Air Force, such as bombers Avro Lancaster, Handley Page Halifax, and Vickers Wellington, and patrol bomber Short Sunderland.

The DF Indicator received its signal from the R.1155 receiver in the radio (wireless) comparment. By seeking a signal from a ground transmitter, the indicator displayed the direction of the transmitter in relation to the aircraft by moving the L and R pointers in toward the transmitter. Once both pointers are vertical, the aircraft is dead-on the position of the transmitter, often the home airfield. The indicator was typically installed on the front top of the main instrument panel, see photo of the Lancaster panel from its Pilots Notes showing the location of the indicator.

This example is in reasonable condition given its age. There are some rust spots on its face. Measures 3.25 inches diameter and ~2 inches deep.


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