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Control Wheel / Yoke Vintage Aircraft - Caudron C445 Goeland

Manufacturer Unknown

Control Wheel / Yoke Vintage Aircraft - Caudron C445 Goeland


Here is a vintage aircraft Control Wheel / Yoke.  Our guess is that it is from a pre-WWII or WWII-era aircraft, but we have not come across any documentation to confirm this theory.  There are no part numbers on it. Knowledgeable visitors are invited to email us if you recognize it.


The yoke was subsequently purchased by a knowledgeable collector from the UK, and here's the result of his research (photos which he provided have been added here):

"It's from a Caudron C445 'Goeland,' French built, design was pre war. 
The war stopped production for some years however Production then 
continued again after the war when the vast majority of aircraft were 
manufactured, around 1500 units in total were built. The Brits and 
French at the time had a great aviation industry however sadly this has 
now diminished to next to nothing. Photos enclosed, there are not many 
cockpit photos on the net but from the limited research I have 
conducted I deduce that the yoke is a later post war version, co pilots 
side. The main pilots yoke appears slightly different in design. The 
centre lever will be the brake lever."

Measures ~7 inches tall and ~14 inches tall. Above its center and to the left and right are twin fittings for a yoke-mounted attachment, purpose unknown. It is clearly experienced, the black paint is worn and chipped, but the underlying metal casting is intact.  A cool artifact indeed.

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