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B-29 Superfortress Familiarization and Maintenance Manual, USAAF 1944


B-29 Superfortress Familiarization and Maintenance Manual, USAAF 1944

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This is an authentic B-29 Familiarization and Maintenance Manual as designed by Boeing and published by AAF Publications of the US Army Air Force. This is its first printing, June 1944.  

The manual, with ~634 pages, describes the following systems of the aircraft in dedicated, color-tabbed sections:

  1. Introduction (an overview of the entire aircraft with illustrations and diagrams) 30 pages
  2. Electrical, 63 pages
  3. Fuel System, 38 pages
  4. Control Stands and Instruments, 15 pages
  5. Cabin Supercharger and Heating System, 53 pages
  6. Landing Gear, 38 pages
  7. Oxygen System, 15 pages
  8. Ground Handling and Lubrication, 28 pages
  9. Armament, 67 pages
  10. Vacuum and De-Icer System, 30 pages
  11. Hydraulic System, 43 pages
  12. Communications, 38 pages
  13. Oil System, 24 pages
  14. Turbosupercharger and Induction System, 41 pages
  15. Anti-Icer System, 10 pages
  16. Power Plant, 24 pages
  17. Flight and Engine Controls, 54 pages
  18. Pumps, 21 pages

The manual consists of loose leaf pages inserted into a hard cover binder in exceptional condition. It contains both color and black and white illustrations, including several as multiple-page fold-outs. All pages appear to be in place and intact (no tears or missing pages have been identified).  There are no pencil or pen markings on the pages.  We would assess it to be in Very Good grade condition.

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