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Autopilot Type G-1 Directional Gyro Control TBM Avenger

General Electric

Autopilot Type G-1 Directional Gyro Control TBM Avenger


This is an authentic original Directional Gyro Control module for the General Electric Automatic Pilot System Type G-1 as used on the WWII US Navy Grumman Avenger Torpedo Bomber. USN Stock Number R-88-U-185-25, Model 8KC3AC.

This module was used to set the course of the aircraft and controlled the rudder. It was also used as an independent directional gyro when the automatic pilot was not in use. This module would be paired with the gyro horizon module which controlled the ailerons and elevator.  See the instrument panel illustration from the TBM flight manual for its location in the center of the panel.

This example is in very good condition given its age. The knobs turn as they should. The center bottom knob pulls out to permit free rotation of the compass card. Measures 4.5" wide x 6.5" tall x 6" deep.

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