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Autopilot Flight Controller, WG182D1


Autopilot Flight Controller, WG182D1


Here is a 1960's Vietnam War era Autopilot Flight Controller, part number WG182D1, made by Minneapolis-Honeywell for US military aircraft. It is very similar to the module used in the US Air Force Douglas Destroyer B-66 bomber (see illustration from the B-66B flight manual dated 1963.  The B-66 was the US Air Force's version of the US Navy's A-3 Skywarrior bomber.

The autopilot flight controller was used by the pilot to turn and trim the aircraft while in automatic pilot mode.  It typically was installed in the pedestal to the right of the pilot.

This module is in reasonable condition given its age. The pitch and trim knobs turn, the Engage toggle moves, and the auto-trim lamp is in place. It was repainted black at some point during its history, and it slightly flakes. Measures ~6 inches wide, ~4.5 inches high, and ~4 inches deep.

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