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Attitude Indicator Type J-8, MIL-I-5133A


Attitude Indicator Type J-8, MIL-I-5133A


This is a Vietnam War-era Attitude Indicator Type J-8 MIL-I-5133A as used in aircraft of the US Army and US Air Force, such as the F-86F Sabrejet and F-100C Super Sabre Fighters, and Bell UH-1 and AH-1 Cobra Helicopters per their maintenance manuals.

The small knob in the left corner adjusts the center horizon line to the pilot's perspective.The right hand knob, when pulled, cages the gyro and returns the horizon to center line. Both operate as they should mechanically.

This unit has a label of LBAD, which was the Lexington Blue-Grass Army Depot. This instrument was likely removed from an Army Helicopter. Measures 3.25 inches square and ~7 inches long.

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