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Antenna AS-27A/ARN-5 Localizer/Glideslope (Blind Landing)

Manufacturer Unknown

Antenna AS-27A/ARN-5 Localizer/Glideslope (Blind Landing)


Here is a WWII-era AS-27A aircraft navigational antenna used with the ARN-5 Radio Navigational System. This antenna combined the functions of Localizer (aft-pointing U-shaped antenna) and Glideslope (straight, lateral antenna).  Signals received by the antenna from a air base ground station are transmitted to a radio receiver and immediately to a cross-pointer landing indicator, I-101, on the pilots instrument panel (see photo of indicator).  The pointers on the indicator signal to the pilot to move left or right to align with the airstrip, and to raise or lower his glideslope.

The system was common on most multi-engine aircraft in both the US Army Air Force and US Navy in WWII, such as heavy bombers B-17, B-24, and B-29 (see photos).  The system was also commonly used in commercial aircraft during the era, such as the DC-3 and DC-4.

The antenna is in very good condition given its age.  Measures ~10 inches tall, ~20 inches long, and ~15 inches wide.

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