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Airspeed / Mach Speed Indicator,  A-7E Corsair II


Airspeed / Mach Speed Indicator, A-7E Corsair II

This is a late 1960-70's-era combination Airspeed and Mach Number indicator with Maximum Allowable Speed indicator, Type B020022115, made by Astek. This indicator was used in the E version of the US Air Force's A-7 Corsair II Attack aircraft. The contract number on the instrument has been positively identified in a US Dept of Defense document as corresponding to a US Navy order for A-7E aircraft with LTV in FY1967-69. See image of a A-7E instrument panel showing the location of this instrument.

The range of the indicator is from 80-70 knots and 0.4-(?) mach. A white airspeed index marker (seen at 500 knots in the photo) can be set by rotating the small knob at the lower right corner. By turning this knob when depressed, a white line mach speed limit marker can be set (marker not shown).

The indicator is in exceptional condition. This example has a service label from Naval Air Rework Facility (NARF) Alameda (CA) dated January 1973. (BTW, "IRAN" on that label stands for Inspect and Repair As Necessary, not the country). Measures 3.25 inches square and ~6.5 inches deep.

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