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Aircraft Recognition Manual FM30-30 War Department 1943

US Government Printing Office

Aircraft Recognition Manual FM30-30 War Department 1943


This manual was standard issue to air crew during WWII by both the US Army Air Force and US Navy.  It educates the reader on the general visual methods of aircraft recognition in the first section, then provides specific recognition cues for key aircraft of the US, its Allies, and the Axis nations.  The manual contains the most commonly-encountered aircraft in each theater, as well as a few more esoteric ones.  

Few have survived in this condition.  Nearly all pages are perfect (given their age), but one is ripped but still present. Measures ~12 inches wide and ~6 inches tall and ~ 3/4 inches thick. 

Our Curator grew up memorizing his father's copy of this book, which is still in our possession but no worse for wear.  

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