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Aircraft Instruments by Emanuel Stieri 1943


Aircraft Instruments by Emanuel Stieri 1943


Here is a hardback bound pocket reference for Aircraft Instruments by Emanuel Stieri published in 1943.  With over 200 black and white illustrations, Stieri discusses most of the instruments used in aircraft of that era, including tachometers, airspeed indicators, gyro horizons, compasses, drift meters, quantity and temperature indicators, and more.  The author describes the instruments, how they function, and the most common servicing procedures.

Stieri worked with the most common instrument manufactures of the 1940's in writing this book, including Bendix, Sperry, GE, Weston, and Kollsman.

The 312-page book measures ~4 by 6 inches and is in reasonable condition given its age. While the cover overlay is slightly worn, all pages appear to be intact.

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