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Aircraft Bubble Sextant, USSR, NAC-1M (SEXT19)

Manufacturer Unknown

Aircraft Bubble Sextant, USSR, NAC-1M (SEXT19)

On Auction at eBay

This unique collectible resides in The Fulford Collection and is on auction on eBay April 22-25, 2021 with bidding some items extended thru May 1. Please visit our eBay Store to place a bid.

This is an early Cold-War-era aeronautical sextant from the former Soviet Union. Includes case, not shown.

According to collector George Fulford's notes:

No date on this one though the –1M indicates a later model as does the more refined finish on the sextant itself and the wooden box that it’s housed in. It doesn’t look like it’s had much use. A good show piece.

How it got there beats me, but there was this U.S. Army Signal Corps Tube RCA VT.99 inside. It might be something left over from the Lease/Lend of WW2 when we sent so much sophisticated supplies to them, so it’s staying with the sextant.

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