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Campaigns of the Pacific War, US Strategic Bombing Survey

US Government Printing Office

Campaigns of the Pacific War, US Strategic Bombing Survey

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The book "Campaigns of the Pacific War" resulted from a request by US President Harry Truman to the US Strategic Bombing Survey to conduct a study of the WWII Pacific theater as it had for the European theater.  

The result, published in 1946, is this ~400 page volume containing descriptions, diagrams, statistics, maps, and illustrations from all campaigns in the Pacific, from Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, Midway, and others, to the conclusion of the war. It includes content derived from post-war interviews with the remaining leadership and intelligence personnel of the Japanese military, including Japanese assessment of their failures in analysis, planning, and execution.

It is a master reference for the Pacific theater, and should be in the collection of every serious amateur and professional WWII historian.  

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