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Cockpit Windshield, T-33 Shooting Star and possible U-2 rear cockpit, PN 205406


Cockpit Windshield, T-33 Shooting Star and possible U-2 rear cockpit, PN 205406

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This artifact resides in our Private Collection, yet we welcome inquiries from restorers, museums, or serious enthusiasts. Please email us with the name of the artifact at

Here is an authentic Cockpit Windshield used in the infamous Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star jet trainer of the US Air Force, part number 205406. The windshield is complete with 3 panes of glass mounted in its frame.  The front glass is a "Multiplate", a laminate of 4 glass plates.

A knowledgeable colleague has informed us that the training version of the U-2 spyplane used a T-33 windshield for the trainer's cockpit, with the frame painted black. His opinion was that this was intended for installation in a TU-2S.  We cannot confirm this. The photo in the gallery is of the TU-2S, but the rear windscreen is not identical to this one.

See the windshield parts diagram from its parts list dated December 1955.  The front windshield is the same part number as used in the F-80 fighter, per its parts manual. The frames were slightly different.  

The glass is clear and, with the exception of just a few minor scratches, is near perfect. It appears to have once been installed, judging from the rubber seal caulk around its base. However, it was removed very carefully as there is no apparent damage whatsoever to the glass or the frame. Measures ~ 15 inches high, ~29 inches wide, and ~24 inches front to back. It is a terrific find and a great display item.  Weighs about 50 lbs.

If you are restoring a T-33, please email us about procuring this for your project.  All non-profit restorations are respectfully considered.

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