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Radio Control Box BC-450A for SCR-274 Airborne Radio Set

Western Electric

Radio Control Box BC-450A for SCR-274 Airborne Radio Set


Here is an authentic WWII-era Radio Control Box BC-450A was a component of the SCR-274 N command radio set as used in aircraft of the US Army Air Force and US Navy such as heavy bombers B-17, B-24, and B-29 and medium bombers B-25 and B-26.  

SCR-274 was a multi-channel, multi-component aircraft radio receiving and transmitting system (see 2-page description in photo gallery). The BC-450 provided the pilot with remote control of 3 radio receivers. This particular BC-450 was matched with a system comprising of receivers for frequency ranges of 3-6 MC, 190-550 KC, and 6-9.1 MC, from left to right on the panel. Each control could dial in the desired frequency in that range by rotating the crank, which in turn rotated a flexible shaft cable that ran from this controller to the radio mounted in the radio compartment of the aircraft.  The A-B switch sent the signal to headset A or B.  

This superb example appears to be new old stock but is unboxed. All of the cranks turn and rotate the dials as they should. Measures ~1.75 inches deep, ~9.5 inches wide, and ~4 inches tall.  

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