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German Propaganda Leaflet to Soviet Troops 1944 POA/ROA Bunker

Manufacturer Unknown

German Propaganda Leaflet to Soviet Troops 1944 POA/ROA Bunker


This is an authentic WWII German Propaganda Leaflet dropped from aircraft to Soviet Troops on the Russian Front in 1944. The intent of the leaflet is to persuade Soviet Troops to surrender and fight with the German army as part of the collaborating POA/ROA Russian Liberation Army under German command.

The leaflet measures ~7 inches by ~5.5 inches.  

The caption on the photo states that this German POA bunker on the eastern front consists exclusively of Russian Volunteers. The text on the reverse side, as translated by Google, reads as follows (uncensored and without correction):

When will the war end?  Fighters, officers and political writers Red armin reaps among nations The fourth year the war lasts.  The fourth year of the conference, long before the war of our Motherland, a plentiful harvest.  with love of love, in fact, Stalin and him prepared in the name of the revolution, in the name of planting a slave communist order in the countries of Europe and in the whole world.  Is it not the countries of the world?  Was it not for the sake of the spread of communism that the Russian in Spain was shed and the money stolen from our country in 939 started a war of struggle in Kitaek?  The present war is the result of the policy of red imperialism pursued by the Stalinist clique.  Fighters, officers and political workers of the Red Army!  You fought bravely in the fields of Ukraine, in the forest shed, the Stalin's vastness of the North.  The German army abandoned the territory of the Soviet Snow Union, you believed that the war would end when you reached the old state borders.  These borders have reached the Red Army.  But is the war over?  Not!  Covering his aggressive goals, Stalin's slogan: “Finish the enemy in his lair.”  And as before the river is shed the blood of the peoples of Russia.  New hundreds and thousands of mass graves grew on the fields of Romania, the mountains of Hungary, on the banks of the Danube.  Did you, the working shoulder straps of the Soviet, put forward a new clique, Hungary, Poland or the Balkans?  Of the peoples of Europe hate the slave communist system.  But this fuck up, voluntarily or unwittingly, carry Stalin hate the plutocrats who challenge Stalin's right to domination in Europe.  So far, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill are “allies” because you and Roosevelt and Churchill executed your Stalinist order on your bayonets.  his current allies, the British lords, and the Americans, year, have the British and American plutocrats, and the blood you shed, shed your blood, shows the "help" that Roosevelt sends to Stalin.  Even if Roosevelt and Churchill's plutocratic imperialism and Stalin's red imperialism managed to defeat Germany, this would not mean the end of the war.  Then a new war between England and the Soviet Union is inevitable, for never the plutocratic imperialism of Churchill and Ruz-Bol will be reconciled by Stalia leads a war of conquest.  You are an instrument of the imperialist fables of the Stalin clique.  Not every one of you asked yourself the question: when will this war end?  There is only one answer;  when the power of Stalin is overthrown.  Get ready to strike bolshevism!  Become under the banner of the Committee of the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia!  with Stalin’s imperialism., not B Borites place with the people of the land, for the will, for the best share!  When Stalin and his entourage will be overthrown, when Bolshevism in our country will live, indeed, free and the war will end, and the people of Russia will have to do hard labor for the destruction of terror.  Let em life.  Down with the war of conquest!  Over 1073 / XII.  44.

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