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FW 190 A8 Fighter Instrument Panel Crash Relic

Focke Wulf

FW 190 A8 Fighter Instrument Panel Crash Relic

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AeroAntique is pleased to share this instrument panel owned by one of our good friends. We welcome inquiries and are happy to put you in contact with the owner of this artifact. Please email us with the name of the artifact at .

Here is an authentic instrument panel from the wreckage of a Focke Wulf 190 A8 fighter of the German Luftwaffe.

The aircraft was reportedly from 1 Schlachtgeschwader 9 and shot down near Sülte, Mecklenburg Germany on the 30th of April 1945 by aircraft of the RAF 350th Squadron reported as being Spitfires or Tempests.  If it were in fact shot down by the RAF 350th Squadron, it was based in Belgium and flew Spitfire Mk.XIV's during this period. We are doing more research on the incident, and welcome any additional insights.

As can be seen in this FW190 cockpit image, this is the main central panel that contained the primary flight control instruments (altimeter, ASI, gyro horizon, fuhrertocterkompass,VSI, boost indicator, and tachometer from left to right). Difficult to see in the photos toward the left side of the panel is lightly printed "3Km Höhe, 5Km Höhe, and 7Km Höhe" (Höhe = Height).

An intriguing and historical relic in our collection, indeed.

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