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Wheel and Flap Position Indicator, AN-5780-2

General Electric

Wheel and Flap Position Indicator, AN-5780-2


Here is a Type AN-5780-2 Wheel and Flap Position Indicator used in WWII and post WWII aircraft with a nose wheel (vs tail wheel aircraft).  According to the US Army Air Force Interchangeability Cross Reference Chart dated February 1945, the AN-5870-2 indicator was used in bombers B-26, A-26, and A-20, as well as in the fighter P-38.  

The position of the wheels were indicated by the 3 small window insets, one each on the nose and each wing. The position of the flaps was indicated in the small window inset at the bottom, by showing increments of quarter fractions from Up to fully extended Down. This version was made by General Electric Part Number 8DJ17AAT.

It is in exceptional condition given its age.  

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