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Altimeter, Sensitive AN-5760-T2A USAF 1949


Altimeter, Sensitive AN-5760-T2A USAF 1949


Here is a post WWII Sensitive Altimeter AN-5760-T2A made by Kollsman, part number 671CPU-19-D15. It is specifically labeled for use in aircraft of the US Air Force, and has a serial number prefix of "USAF 49", evidence of a year of manufacture of 1949.  USAF aircraft that used the AN-5760 altimeter during this period were fighters (P)F-51 Mustang and (P)F-80 Shooting Star jet aircraft.  This altimeter is stamped on the back with "B-50", so theoretically it's possible that this was used in a Boeing bomber B-50 Superfortress (developed from the B-29) which was in service during this period.

The Sensitive Altimeter displayed altitude using 3 pointers. The first and longest indicated 100's of feet, the second indicated 1000's of feet, along the outer scale, and the third and smallest indicated 10,000's of feet. on the inner scale.  The knob is used to adjust the altimeter to the barometric pressure as displayed in the small window at the 3 o'clock position.  

It is clearly experienced but in reasonable condition given its age. The alternating Munsell green and white markings were typical of US Navy aircraft instruments, so it is unusual to see this coloring on a USAF instrument. The glass and case are intact. The glass is slightly hazy inside, but could be opened and cleaned if desired. The knob rotates, but it clearly is out of calibration since that was not the altitude at which these photos were taken. Measures 3.25 inches diameter and ~4 inches deep.

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