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Airspeed Indicator, 430 Knots, R88-I-350-25

US Gauge

Airspeed Indicator, 430 Knots, R88-I-350-25


Here is an Air Speed Indicator as used in WWII-era and post WWII-era aircraft of the US Navy such as the F4U Corsair fighter (see illustration of the F4U instrument panel from its flight manual dated 1944 showing its location). It was also used in USN Fighters F6F Hellcat and F7F Tigercat, as well as Torpedo Bomber TBM Avenger and patrol bombers PBY-5 Catalina and PBM-5 Mariner, among others. 

On this style of air speed indicator, speed between 0-200 knots is read on the outer pointer arrow clockwise along the outer perimeter scale, from 0-360 degrees.  Once past 12 o'clock position, speed is then read from 200 knots to 430 knots on the inner pointer arrow along the inner scale.

The instrument is in very good condition given its age. Measures 3.25 inches diameter and ~ 3 inches deep.

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