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Accelerometer, Type B-3 AN-5475


Accelerometer, Type B-3 AN-5475

This is a WWII-era Accelerometer AN-5475 aka Type B-3 as used in aircraft of the US Army Air Force such as in versions of the Boeing B-17, Consolidated B-24, and North American B-25 bombers, according to the Maintenance Interchangeability Chart dated Feb 1945.

The accelerometer has 3 pointers: a main pointer that instantaneously rotates counterclockwise when the aircraft experiences negative G's, and clockwise in the instance of positive G's. The two auxiliary pointers located behind the main pointer rotate to indicate the maximum negative or positive G's experienced by the aircraft until reset by turning the knob clockwise. The photo shows that the accelerometer is currently at 1 G (as it should), but has experienced from 0G to 7G since last reset. The screw located on the bottom rear housing can lock the mechanism. The data label, which is missing, would have been located here and affixed using the small screws 3/4 inch on either side of this center screw.

It is in exceptional condition given its age. The pointers and reset mechanism appear to work as intended. The dial markings are clear and the glass and case are intact. See photos.

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