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Accelerometer, G-Meter, AN-5745L3, F4U-5N Corsair


Accelerometer, G-Meter, AN-5745L3, F4U-5N Corsair


Here is a fine example of a post WWII-era Accelerometer, made by Kollsman, part number 1470-8-02 (FSS# R88-A-140-15) as made for the US Navy's fighter aircraft F4U-5N (and -5P and -5NL) Corsair, as documented in the aircraft's parts list dated 1951.  According to the USN ASO Catalog 8801 dated June 1953, it was also used across other USN aircraft such as the TBM Avenger, F9F Cougar/Panther, and AD-4 Skyraider.

The accelerometer has 3 pointers: a main pointer that instantaneously rotates counterclockwise when the aircraft experiences negative G's, and clockwise in the instance of positive G's. The two auxiliary pointers located behind the main pointer rotate to indicate the maximum negative or positive G's experienced by the aircraft until reset by pushing the knob inward. This example requires repair:  when pressed, the pointers do not reset.  This can be repaired by removing the internal system from the case and reconnecting the spring latch mechanism with the knob stem.

The indicator has labels showing service at US Naval Air Station Pensacola in November 1955.  

It is in exceptional cosmetic condition given its age.  The dial markings are clear and the glass and case are intact.  See photos.


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