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Bomb Release Interval Control Panel Type B-2A


Bomb Release Interval Control Panel Type B-2A

This is an original WWII-era Bomb Release Interval Control, Type B-2A, as used across nearly all US bomber aircraft, including B-17, B-24, B-25, B-26, and B-29 and any US Navy counterparts.
The Bomb Release Interval Control permitted a bombardier to control the number of bombs dropped per release and their impact spacing.  This would be used to set up a carpet-bombing run, for example, over a large railroad marshalling yard, vs a more concentrated drop over a specific site such as a ball bearing factory.  The left dial selected the spacing interval between bombs at a given airspeed, while the right dial selected the number of bombs to be released at a time.  The bombardier could also choose to either manually drop the cache by flipping the switch to SEL or otherwise automatically by selecting TRAIN.  

The controller is in reasonable condition given its age. The toggle toggles and the knobs rotate as they should. The left dial rotates stiffly. The front paint has flaked across the panel, see photos. 

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