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RAF Flying Training Manual, Part 1-Landplanes, 1940

Air Ministry

RAF Flying Training Manual, Part 1-Landplanes, 1940


Here is a WWII-era Flying Training Manual, Part 1- Landplanes, published in 1940 by the British Royal Air Force Air Ministry, Air Publication 129. 

The manual is full of basic flight instruction information about flying landplanes (vs seaplanes) as well as more advanced lessons such as instrument flight, formation flight, as well as flying from aircraft carriers.  It also includes information about the technology of the aircraft, including engines, airframes, and maintenance. Several fold-out diagrams are included.

This hardback expandable book is in exceptional condition for an 80-year-old manual, and its pages appear to be in place.  Measures ~9 inches tall, ~6 inches wide, and ~1 inch thick. 

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