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Flight Command Indicator ID-314/APA-90, F-84 Thunderjet


Flight Command Indicator ID-314/APA-90, F-84 Thunderjet


This indicator appeared in versions of the US Air Force Republic F-84 Thunderjet Fighter. It was part of the Airborne Radar Auxiliary AN/APA-90 which was also used with the AN/APW-11 Control Beacon (Remote Control and Telemetry) Radar Bombing system. AN/APA-90 was also used on the B-57 Canberra and B-66 Destroyer bombers.

The instrument panel illustration shows the indicator at position 30. 

We have found no information about how this interesting indicator was used nor details of the AN/APA-90 system. Knowledgeable visitors are invited to share what you might know about this system by emailing us at curator@aeroantique.com. 

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