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Aircraft Clock, 8-Day, Center Knob, on Wooden Stand


Aircraft Clock, 8-Day, Center Knob, on Wooden Stand


This is a WWII-era US military 8-Day aircraft clock, with a center knob, mounted in a wooden stand, likely walnut or mahogany judging by its grain. Although the identification label is missing, we believe that it is likely an Elgin made between 1931-1939, but interested buyers should confirm this on their own. 

The numerals 3, 6, and 9 are painted in Munsell green, indicative of use for US Navy aircraft. 

The center knob will adjust the time when pulled out and rotated. However, the clock itself does not keep time and may be overwound, requiring service. Sold as-is.

The stand measures about 5" x 5". The clock and stand are in very good cosmetic condition given their age. 

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