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Altimeter Type B-11 20K Ft, Air Corps US Army


Altimeter Type B-11 20K Ft, Air Corps US Army


This is a WWII-era Sensitive Altimeter displaying aircraft altitude from 0 to 20,000 feet.  The Type B-11, made by the Bulova Watch Company, was used in a variety of aircraft during early WWII with a maximum performance ceiling below 20,000 ft. This altimeter has a serial number prefix of AF-43, indicative of a year of manufacture of 1943.  See spec sheet. ACUSARMY is imprinted on its face, for Air Corps US Army.

Altitude was indicated from 0-100 ft by the long pointer along the outer scale. As the aircraft altitude increased beyond 100 ft, the thousands digit was indicated by the small pointer along the inner scale up to 20,000 ft, while the longer pointer displayed the altitude in 20 ft increments along the outer scale. In the photo shown here, the altimeter is reading 10,220 ft.  The knob adjusted the barometric scale inset at 3'o'clock on the instruments face to adjust for accuracy.

It is in exceptional condition given its age.  The knob turns smoothly, but is no longer accurate.

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