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Airspeed Indicator, Japanese Army Aviation, Type 98


Airspeed Indicator, Japanese Army Aviation, Type 98


This original WWII-era Airspeed Indicator, Type 98, made by Tanaka, was used in a variety of aircraft of the Japanese Army. It displays airspeed up to 700 km/hr.  Measurement begins at 50 knots along the outer scale with the pointer at the 6 o'clock position, rotating clockwise as speed increases up to 400 km/hr, at which point airspeed is indicated along the inner scale up to 700 km/hr.

According to the online Funatsu Aviation Instruments Museum, this indicator was used in aircraft of the Japanese Army such as:

  • Kawasaki Ki-48 Light Bomber "Lily"
  • Mitsubishi Ki-46 Reconnaissance Aircraft "Dinah"
  • Mitsubishi Ki-67 Type 4 Heavy Bomber "Peggy"
  • Mitsubishi Ki-83 Experimental Bomber 
  • Kawasaki Ki-102 Long Range Fighter "Randy"

It is labeled as a veteran bring-back from Hollandia, Dutch New Guinea 1944. It is in good condition given its age.  Measures ~ 3.25 inches diameter and ~1.75 inches deep.

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