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Pedestal Gun Sighting Station, Right Gunner, B-29 Superfortress

General Electric

Pedestal Gun Sighting Station, Right Gunner, B-29 Superfortress


This is an original WWII-era Pedestal Gun Sighting Station from a US Army Air Force Boeing B-29 Superfortress Bomber used in its Central Fire Control System, aka Remote Control Turret System. This Sighting Station, model 2CSR3B5, was specific for the Right Gunner Station. 

A yoke holding the gun sight mechanism and the gyroscopes rises from the sighting station base and swivels forward/left (105 deg) and aft/right (105 deg) for azimuth sighting.  The gunner places his hands on the left and right knobs which when rotated, point the sight up (60 deg) or down (-90 deg). The paddle on the left knob is the Action Switch, which takes control of the turrets when depressed.  Immediately in-board from each knob is a trigger, which fires the guns in the top and bottom front turrets.  The "retiflector" sight is mounted in the center below the elevation gyroscope and above the azimuth gyroscope. This sight displays an illuminated reticle on the glass to train the gunner's aim to the enemy target aircraft.

This pedestal sighting station is ~ 20 inches tall and ~14 inches wide. All mechanical movements operate, although some stiffly. The rubber boots over the triggers have deteriorated with age and the rubber forehead pad is missing, but all other components are intact including the sun shades, glass, and lamps in the retiflector sight. Could use a deep cleaning. This is a rare prize indeed.

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